Saturday, July 25, 2009

my first taste of community

I was 18 years old and a Freshman at Eastern Illinois University. A friend invited me to go to church with her at Campus House. I was so intrigued by these students...they weren't just putting in their time on a Sunday morning. They were searching and questioning and living out their faith. After that first morning, I knew I wanted to have whatever they had. AND, I wanted to be part of this tribe of seekers.

20 years later, I'm still intrigued and inspired by these people. We are spread across the state, but we're in eachothers' weddings, exchange recipes, share spiritual journeys, celebrate babies and jobs, and pass hand-me-downs back and forth between families.

This weekend after gathering with a few of these friends, I was thinking about how blessed I am to be loved by them after all these years!


Anonymous said...

It was such a great night... thanks for hosting!!! Felt like old times!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Just wanted to say that I found your blog on the CHI site when they posted some of your writing. I so appreciated what you wrote. So I have been coming back to check on here periodically. But when I read this current post, I had to write and tell you that my brother had been a professor there at Eastern Illinois in the early '90's! Just thought it was interesting and would let you know I'm one of your readers.