Saturday, October 10, 2009

7 years old - 1st birthday ever!

What a blast to get to celebrate Selah's 7th birthday this week!! Making it even more exciting was the fact that it was the first time she's had a birthday party or ever celebrated a birthday (as far as she can remember). We have a picture of "Baby's First Christmas" in Ethiopia, with a special Ethiopian cake and a decorated tree, but Selah says she doesn't remember ever having a birthday. She had been to the birthdays of friends in Ethiopia, but never her own.

We don't actually know Selah's age or her birthdate. October 7th is a little bittersweet, as it is probably the birthdate given to her the day she entered the orphanage. So, though she isn't aware of this now, her birthday is also the anniversary of the day she became an official "orphan". One year, and her life has been turned upside down.

There was a little emotional breakdown before her friend party today - maybe it was fear about the party, or the itchy Cinderella dress she was wearing, or a sugar let-down after helping decorate the cake.....but in the midst of the tears and frustration she asked, "you know how much my mother love me?".

"Oh yes", I said. "She loves you more than you can even imagine. I hope I can love as good as she does."


Sandi said...

Happy Birthday to your super sweet little girl.

Annie said...

Happy 7th Birthday, Selah! love the photo :)