Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Hardcore Historical Halloween

I'm not really into scary stuff. We don't do scary halloween costumes for the kids, don't typically go to haunted houses or decorate our home with scary styrofoam tombstones....but this year we ended up in a real cemetary on Halloween!

It was a beautiful day as we were running errands around town. It was time to take a few Fall pictures of the girls, so we were looking for a park or somewhere else to catch the Fall colors, when we drove past Oak Ridge Cemetary (where Lincoln's Tomb is). Inspired by my sister-in-law, Chessa, who takes beautiful pictures in unique places, I convinced them to stop and see what happened. I don't have a fancy camera, but think we got a few good shots of the girls :)

I was suprised that the girls were so excited about seeing Lincoln's Tomb, but figured, you can't say no when you're kids are actually interested in visiting museums or historical landmarks, so we headed over to check things out. Our good friend, Steve, was working as a tour guide, so it turned out to be a fantastic visit - with access to the closed upper deck and a super-secret behind-the-scenes tour of some of the "innards" of the tomb.

We got home just in time to change into Halloween costumes and to visit a few of our neighbors and friends.....just in case you need an explanation Sarah was Dream Girl - a pajama-wearing superhero....Sophia was Eve (she saw Lindleigh Cheshire's costume the night before and loved it!)....and Selah was Snow White. She had a great time experiencing her first Halloween, and I'm pretty sure we successfully trained her to think that any chocolate she collects automatically goes to mom :)


Annie said...

looks like a beautiful day! Putting this little detour in your day led to a great little learning experience for the girls :)

Emily said...

wait.. did you create the Eve costume in one day, then?