Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sharing my it or not

Our kids had a 5 day weekend this week. If you're not a parent, you may have some nonsensical notion that such news is exciting, but quite honestly, it had me a little nervous. In order to deflect some of the excessive togetherness, I decided to invite some students over to hang out.

I love having students in our home....and Ester, Sherry, Ja'hnette and I had a great time baking some gourmet brownies to take to campus. But with 3 Magruder girls, 2 other kids over for a playdate, and all of their girl-energy, I think my Chinese friends might have a renewed appreciation for the Chinese government's 1 Child Policy :)


Dana said...

Next time you have your "Chinese
friends" over I would love to bring Ellie over to meet them and hang out a little. I think it is good for her to be around people who look like she does. Plus we really like brownies.

Gretchen Magruder said...

that would be fun! I'll do it!!