Monday, March 29, 2010

When HazMat comes to your house

I wondered what the neighbors thought when they saw the big tarp over the front door. A guy from the Sangamon County Winterization Program came to our home today to do a blower test and evaluate the energy efficiency of our house. He checked windows and doors, insulation, furnace and water heater, basement to attic.

Then, the blower. The idea was like a huge fan sucking air out the front door. As the fan blew, he would walk around the house, feeling for where the drafts were, and where we're losing energy.

I am such a geek. I loved it!! For years I've been envious of those CWLP customers who can take advantage of their energy efficiency workshops and evaluations.

Of course, there were somethings we were able to predict he'd the hole in the upstairs hallway was letting in air, or that the coal bin in the basement was leaky....then there was the "minor" gas leak and finding out the the contractor we hired to do our upstairs in 2000 neglected to put insulation in the walls. After 3 hours in our home, he had a long list of inefficiencies.

Hopefully, they'll provide the grant money to take care some of the repairs, which would be a huge blessing!

So...Is it better to know the truth? Or remain oblivious?

(the picture above isn't mine...I was shamed into taking my Christmas wreaths down months ago by Jeff Black)


Stephanie said...

The truth! I hope getting everything fixed will help you save some money and energy!

Ashley said...

How did you find out about the program? (The link isn't working...)

Gretchen Magruder said...

Sorry about that, Ashely! I think it's fixed now, but here's another link with the contacts by county:

It's listed with low-income energy programs, and yes, you do have to have a lower income...but the income is higher than most community programs!