Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moms, when's the last time you bought new underwear?

According to Oprah, we moms often put ourselves at the bottom of the list of we're supposed to plan for "me time", pamper ourselves, exercise, and read from Oprah's Book Club.

But when's the last time you bought new underwear for yourself?

Our dryer is on it's last legs and laundry has been piling up, so I dug to the back of my underwear drawer this week as I rushed to get out the door to a conference. As I fidgeted in my seat, I began to wonder how old this stretched out underwear really was...

Um, I'm pretty sure I wore that underwear when I was pregnant with Sophia.

She's 9.

Maybe Oprah's right....moms, it might be time for a little shopping.


Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

LOL, I was just thinkin' yesterday -- I need some new undies! I do need some, plus I want to be prepared for adding two more kids and laundry piling up. I don't think I'll be in the position to just run out and buy some when I don't get to the laundry -- like the few times that happened in college!!! :)

a moore said...

so i was thinking on waiting for new underpants until i got back to the states. this was in December and i thought "6 months, if i've waited this long i can surely wait until july." then i evaluated my state of readiness. the holes, the stretch, the complete lack of elastic in several cases. I had 10 pairs and 6 needed the trash, leaving me with 4 pairs in truth. so at jonathan's encouragement i bought 5 new pairs and had my mom send them. i still haven't thrown out the others but i'm pretty sure going without might just be as good as wearing these again. needless to say, i'm ordering underpants for the whole family the week before we leave, no one is bringing home many pairs of underpants.

how proud are you to have me as family?

Gretchen Magruder said...

Amanda, that brings me great joy :)