Monday, May 03, 2010

Are you "that person" in your small group?

Do you ever get the feeling you're "that person" in your small group Bible study?
  • who talks too much
  • always tries to "one up" everyone else's story
  • is the super-spiritual one
  • always brings up unrelated bible passages
  • who seems to want to debate every topic
  • prays too long
  • doesn't pray long enough
  • never has anything to say
  • whose children are the most disruptive
  • who seems to think differently than everyone else
Sometimes I get kind of insecure, and start to feel like that person. Which of these describes your role in your small group?


elisa said...

I TALK TOO MUCH! But I use the excuse that it's because no one else is

Anonymous said...

Guilty on the kids being WAY too disruptive! :)

shana said...

I think I'm guilty of several of these... yikes.