Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Wild Hair to do Creative Cooking

I got excited about trying some new recipes from the Tasty Kitchen Blog this week, beginning with Chocolate Chip and Bacon Cookies (meh....not bad, but not good enough to probably ever make again. Kinda like the Bacon-flavored Chapstick...good for a laugh!).

Lindsey and I have a little tradition of doing brunch with some of our graduating girls, and Friday we had a great time eating and laughing and sending them off!

Mini Ham and Cheese Quiche

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast


Emily said...

it was so scrumptious... Great job Gretchen.. and thanks again :) I'll be there tomorrow morn for another experimental cooking :)

AprylMay said...

These pictures are gorgeous the food and the pretty girls! congrats girls on getting a fabulous breakfast and graduating!

noel bams said...

hii.., i come from indonesia and i never seen cake such your before and i think its wonderfull and nice may be even i have not taste it