Thursday, September 09, 2010

Adoption Swag Give-away at The Road Less Travelled

Packers fans have their cheese hats, Mac owners put that apple sticker on the backs of their cars, Ford owners have that strange picture of a kid peeing on the Chevy(I've never understood this...), and people in the Adoption community love their ADOPTION SWAG!!

Where else can you get a cookie cutter in the shape of Africa? Or some Ethiopian adoption artwork for your home? Or a cool t-shirt that combines your excitement about adoption and one of your favorite songs ("we have been changed to bring change")?

One of my adoption friends has a fabulous fundraiser going on right now on her blog, The Road Less Travelled, to raise money for their 2nd Ethiopian adoption! Like us, Erica's family used Children's Hope to bring home their sweet Silas, and I followed their story online while we were in the waiting stage. When it was finally our time to travel to Ethiopia, Erica just happened to be back in Ethiopia on a mission trip. We were thrilled to get to meet her in person and spend a little time together at the House of Hope! Now they're going back for their little girl, and have come up with a great way to raise funds for their own adoption, while giving some exposure to some other great adoption swag!

Just purchase a ticket for $10 and you're entered to win all kinds of great stuff like this and this!! Share this giveaway on twitter or facebook or a blog, and you can win even more tickets (entries). This is a great cause, with excellent Christmas gift potential (or, someone's 40th birthday, hint, hint)so head on over to The Road Less Travelled and check it out!

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