Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teachable Moments with Root Vegetables

Haha...I feel like a title like that should be on an SNL spoof about NPR programs...but it describes my Sunday afternoon with my friend Apryl.

Apryl is the queen of teachable moments...partly because she loves my kids, but mostly I think because she's an amazing teacher! Her Montessori method was a little scary to me the first time she handed my 3 year old a knife and taught her how to cut fruit....but every time we share a meal or a memory with Apryl, she's finding ways to teach our girls (and me!) something new.

Apryl works for her family's farm stand every Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market downtown. So this Sunday she shared some of the yummy produce she got to bring home....stuff I've never cooked (leeks, turnips) or even heard of (kohlrabi)! One by one, she showed the fresh veggie to the girls, discussed how it grows and how to cut/prepare it, and then we would find that veggie in our serving of roasted mixed vegetables and taste it. It was a blast! And the girls had several helpings of the Suttill Farms roasted vegetables.


Chessa said...

very cool!

J said...

Love your photos below.... wow...