Monday, January 24, 2011

90 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Our students at UIS/LLCC are doing a 90 day read-thru of the Bible, beginning today.

I've got to admit, I am entering into this with fear and trembling...I HATE not following thru on commitments and would rather say no in the beginning than say yes and not finish. But, 1) I love structure and a plan; 2)I love experiencing God in a community setting; and 3) I love God's word.

To make it easier, I'm using YouVersion again. Not only can I follow my plan online (complete with those check-off boxes I love so much!), but I can keep it with my on my ipod, too.

So on this, Day 1 of the CSF 90 Day Challenge, here are a few "nuggets":
  • David Lasley lied when he told me I could read 16 chapters in 30 minutes. It was more like 45, but I guess maybe he's just a faster reader than I am.
  • God cursed the snake in the garden and said from now on he would crawl on his belly....does that mean before the curse, snakes were walking upright?!
  • When did "Nimrod" become a Gen, he's described as a strong, hulky hunter?
Are you doing the CSF Challenge? I'd love to hear what your nuggets were!

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Brenna B. said...

Um, according to that website, you can't get it on your ipod... and here I got all excited... :(