Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Breathe Deep


You're still here?

It's been quiet around the ol' blog....not that life has been quiet....more like...shallow. The months of March and April were packed. Kids, Campus Ministry, Breastfeeding stuff, relationships....very, very full. Quite honestly, I feel like we just lived event to event, getting all of the chauffeuring right with the kids, preparing for the next meeting, the next lesson. And we survived.

Now, almost by surprise, it's time to say goodbye to our students. I think gratefully about the school year and all that God has done. A ton of great stories, a few regrets, a few resolutions about next year, and then, finally....breathe. Breathe deeply. Time to write more, to reflect more....summer is almost here!


Heart Felt said...

You made it! Maybe you should go get your nose pierced to celebrate ;-)

Todd Magruder said...

Yeah, do it! I DARE you..