Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jump for Joel Update!!

THANK YOU for responding to this request to help the children at Gathiga! So excited about this update from Shana....


I don’t know HOW God has done it, but we’ve had 34 people - some of whom are complete strangers - dig into their pockets and pitch in for food at the Gathiga orphanage!!

$2,973 and counting!

This includes several friends who made some big sacrifices, old acquaintances from back home, someone from Tasmania (WHAT?!), and my favorite - a stranger who left this message on a friend’s blog:

To those of you who have retweeted, reblogged, reposted…prayed, donated, emailed… ASANTE SANA SANA! (Thank you very, very much!) Not only is this enough money to buy food for tomorrow AND next week, this is enough for TWO MONTHS!! Almost THREE!!

Who’s praising God like crazy in Kenya tonight?! WE ARE!! We hope you’re celebrating with us, wherever you are in the world!

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