Friday, May 20, 2011

We might watch too much tv

On Fridays, our family prays for the campus ministry at UIS, the Lasleys who work with us, and for university students**. We were talking with the kids about why summer is hard for some college students - - because, after growing and being with a strong faith community, they are suddenly on their own; because of old friends and old habits; because of too much down time or too little down time; and because of a bunch of other reasons.

My very insightful daughter said, "It's like on The Biggest Loser when they have to go back home after being on the ranch and have to figure out how to not gain the weight back again."

Actually, it is kinda like The Biggest Loser.

So, I'm pretty sure that if campus ministry is like The Biggest Loser, that makes Todd and I - - Bob and Jillian; and Dave and Lindsey - - Brett and Cara, the newbies.

Do you know a college student you could be praying for?

(**one of my friends recently told me that our success at family devo's makes her feel guilty. please know that we are not spiritual super-stars. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...we just keep trying different things to see what sticks. The honest truth is that we stink at remembering to pray for the things we should be praying about, and assigning a day to things we think are important seems to help)

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