Thursday, March 08, 2012

Political Mis-Information

You wouldn't know it by my "Certified Lactation Counselor" business card or my weekly campus ministry schedule, but, deep down, I still feel like a Political Scientist at heart. I love thinking about why certain people hold specific political positions, while others look at life through a different lens.

So when my oldest daughter confessed that she really does like listening to NPR, I knew I had to nurture that love in her!

Our drive to and from piano lessons each week is our most consistent alone time, so we've begun talking about the candidates on the Republican ballot. After discussing the candidates and listening to the news for the last month or so, I asked her to sum up what she knows about them. Here are some of her answers:

Newt Gingrich: "Slimy. Has been married too many times. Got in trouble the last time they let him in politics".

Mitt Romney: "Mitt is Mormon and has lots of money."

Ron Paul: "Old guy who doesn't have a chance. But he's probably the only one who's got it right".

And the scary thing is, she just might be more informed than the majority of American voters!

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Chessa @ Antsi-Pants said...

I think I agree with her.