Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prayer Map Completion!

I have a problem with follow-through. 

I admit it.  I am the queen of big ideas and unfinished projects.   Sometimes I'm in over my head...sometimes after I get started with a project, I realize I'm not going to be able to get the results in my mind and just give up.

So I'm celebrating a 6-month long project that was completed!

A Prayer Map is something our family has come to love to help us pray for important friends, family, and ministries all over the world.  I loved the IKEA my mother-in-law has in her dining room, and decided to find a more economical way to recreate that. 

I found a vintage wall map online (about $15).  When it arrived, I realized how thin the paper was, and that we would need to find a way to mount it on something.    In my normal procrastinating fashion, the map then sat in the corner of the dining room for about 5 months until I got up the courage to do something with it.   I couldn't imagine finding a canvas the size of my map (55x39), so we decided to cut it into smaller pieces.  After 30 minutes standing in Michael's with my calculator, I figured out how to fit the map on several canvases.

The girls and I started by painting the edges of the canvases with an antiquey color.   Cutting the map was the scariest part.  Using an exacto knive, I simply cut around the size of the wasn't perfect, but we didn't have any horrible accidents!   I had read on some other blogs that using mod podge might actually be too wet for this thin poster paper, so I used spray adhesive instead.    This seemed to work great!  Well, until the next morning, when I saw that air bubbles had popped up on all of the canvases.  Ugh.   I decided to go over the map with mod podge anyway and see if it would help smooth out the bubbles....instead, it seemed to magnify them.   We've just decided to enjoy it as a topographical map :)

Project Completed!   And it only took 6 months!


Chessa @ Antsi-Pants said...

Looks awesome on your wall! I'd like to do this myself. Congratulations-you did it!

Emily Barnett said...

This looks super awesome.. can't wait to see it in person!