Monday, February 24, 2014

2 Weeks of Nothing


2 Weeks of Nothing doesn't sound like a big deal for someone who doesn't do much shopping....but I've been surprised to see how quick I am to spend money on the "little things".  

Today's tally of things I DIDN'T buy:
  • .85 Polar Pop - Side note: the gas station that carries my favorite ice got a new machine.  NO PELLET ICE.  
  • $7 brush - We went out of town this weekend and I somehow lost my brush.
  • $3.50 - Lunch (I found some trail mix instead....need to get better at packing lunch!)
  • $8 - Car Wash - After our road trip to Wisconsin, the mini-van is'll have to be dirty a little longer.
Today's Total:  $19.50

What was YOUR total today?

*This weekend we started 2 Weeks of Nothing, a time of prayer and fasting for a ministry in Peru we'll be working with this Summer.  2 Weeks of Nothing means no extras:  no lattes, no movies, no eating out for 2 weeks.  Each day we keep a tally of the things we've given up, and on March 7th, students will give that money towards purchasing some special things for the ministry in Peru!

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