Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Dark Side of Mother's Day

What kinds of expectations do men have for Father's Day?

Is it the same kind of crazy that women struggle with?   The Dark Side of Mother's Day that we don't ever talk about?

That side that has you moping with disappointment and hurt even before you make it to church in the morning or feeling deep resentment and bitterness towards your spouse while smiling politely and opening the 4 bottles of anti-bacterial hand soap your children bought you....

Do they have the irrational belief that the rest of the world should stop on this particular day and their children should be singing their praises everywhere they go?  (Really.....I'd like them to be literally singing......)

I'm so thankful for my easy-to-please husband.

Me: "Any special requests for Father's Day?"
Todd:  "Oreo Ice Cream Cake (a family recipe).....and meat."

Easy.   AND he did the dishes after lunch.  Are there men who experience the crazy?  Not my man.

My spiritual guide/decorating consultant, Natalie, once told me that you should always make Mother's Day about YOUR mom....otherwise, you'll always be disappointed.   Expect nothing, and be happy when your kids offer to set the table while you slave over the Mother's Day brunch you're hosting.

Sounds like good advice.  Maybe I can eliminate the crazy and try that next year.

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