Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sam's Club

If I were homeless, I'd hang out at Sam's Club.

Do you know that over the lunch hour (and I'm guessing the dinner hour, too) they have free samples all over that store? Today Sophia and I ran in there for a few things and here's what we sampled:

roasted potatoes
carmel and cheese rice cakes (surprisingly good!)
pizza roll
sausage biscuit
britta water
apple pie

granted, you only get like 2-3 bites of each thing, but really, once you have 3 bites of 5 different foods, that's practically a meal!! I remember before we had kids, sometimes Todd and I would go to Sam's Club for a cheap date!!

Okay, so then after we were done with our shopping, it was lunch time, and even though I really wan't hungry, I wasn't really full either.....and Sophia asked if we could get something at the food we split this awesome piece of Buffalo Chicken pizza, a drink, and a cup of ice cream...all for $3.75!! What a deal!! It was amazing pizza...a huge piece...not too spicey, with a great ranch sauce and just enough garlic and cheese.....mmmmmm......

So, that's my newest suggestion for a date....Sam's Club food court and appetizers complements of the tester ladies.

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Drew Hibbard said...

Excellent idea...I think I might just take Amy there sometime.