Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Top 10 WORST Reasons For Wanting To Be A CSF Leader

So we've had some great conversations about CSF leadership possibilities in the last week or so with several different people...about what kinds of people we're looking for, what leaders do, how we pick them....sometimes it can be an awkward thing if people get their feelings hurt, but mostly I just get so excited about what God wants to put together to help us minister next year!!

One reason I love this time of the semester is because I truly believe that God picks leaders for this ministry. I believe He puts together a team of students who 1)love Him, and 2)love other students. Sometimes I have a pretty good idea of who God is going to put on our team....other times, I'm surprised by what He does.

But every year, I get so excited about what God can do through a group of 50-60 college students who are focused on Him and united in their Purpose. I love getting to peek into the hearts of students who serve behind the scenes...who offer to pray with friends in the privacy of their dorm rooms...who invite non-believing classmates home with them for holiday dinners....who put up tables and chairs without asking, or help in the kitchen....students whose hearts ache for their friends and roommates who don't know Christ...students who invite their peers to small groups or The Edge....

Who are we looking for to serve as "leaders"?

Students who are HUNGRY for more of GOD.
Students who are willing to be obedient to Christ, even when it hurts or is embarassing.
Students who can't get enough of GOD...who want to devour His Word, who want to pray and fast, who want to worship throughout their day.
Students who are humble and respectful...putting others ahead of themselves.

Usually, the people who make the best leaders are the ones who think they're not qualified.

So, I thought I'd make my own letterman-style Top 10 list to help students decide who to nominate for the 2005-2006 CSF Leadership Team:

Top 10 WORST Reasons for wanting to be a CSF Leader

10. You're hoping the "salary" will pay for your Housing next semester
9. Looks good on a resume
8. Want your picture on the CSF Web Page
7. You enjoy bossing people around
6. The Hindu Student Fellowship didn't want you
5. The chicks dig CSF Leaders
4. You're looking to schedule another 2-3 meetings into your week
3. You have dreams of leading a CSF Revolution in which the current Campus Ministers are ousted.
2. You'd like to see Small Group Bible Studies replaced with World of Warcraft communities

1. You think you deserve it


dangittj said...

number 2 makes me LOL a lot.

Jeffffffffffffffff said...

I agree, wow!