Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Got a call from Tad and Matt tonight and an email from Erin...they've been in Pre-Field Orientation this week, and leave for Moscow on Thursday. All of them sound so incredibly pumped, and kept telling me how amazing/exhausting/exciting it all is!

You can write them mail in care of:

John Hamilton
Ulitsa Voinova
Yaroslav'l 15003

It'll take a while to get there, so write early and write often!!


Misty said...

Gretchen...just spent the weekend with your WONDERFUL students and they are all doing very well and adapting to life here. We kept them busy the first weekend with the youth retreat in a town a few hours away. I can't imagine how great the rest of your group will be after spending so much time with these 3! :-) Just thought you might be excited to know they're doing fine...

We'll continue to take good care of them. Thanks for your prayers for them and the team...they did so great with the youth and I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use them here this summer!


Matt W said...

Miss you!!