Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Today's the last day of 1st grade for Sarah Jane, and tomorrow morning when the sun comes up, we'll be on our way to Florida for a vacation!!

I'm kind of looking forward to not having a computer to check email and blogs....maybe I can break this sick addiction while we're gone...taking some books but I know I won't get much reading done...mostly just looking forward to enjoying my family with fewer distractions. I'm looking forward to a simple life of watching the sun rise, eating breakfast, putting swimming suits on, spending the day at the pool, eating dinner, and sleeping really well at night.

We're going with our friends, Ed and Sally Green and their kids, Samuel and Anna. I'm looking forward to enjoying our families....watching the kids play and interact and learn from eachother. We may be a little tired of sharing the same condo by the time we get home, but we're so blessed to have such great friends......it's all about Community.

Ahhh....I can't wait....now, if I can just get everything packed into my suitcase....


Shannon said...

have a great time on your vacation!!!

Jonathan said...

While at Disney, if you find a mouse-ear hat at the lost and found with my initials on the back could you bring it back with you? I think it was either blue or green. I lost mine there when I was five or six.