Thursday, May 19, 2005


There were huge thunderstorms last know, the kind that crack through the sky and right into the core of your being...the kind that are so loud, you think it must have hit something right outside of your house....

Sophia is scared to death of thunder. Sometimes we luck out and she sleeps right through it, but not last night. When I heard the storm start, I kept an ear out for little footsteps or voices, because she almost always ends up in bed with us. Since I was wide awake, I went into the girls' room to check on her, and Sophia was sitting in her bed with her hands over her ears, crying softly. When she saw me she said, "I wanted you!" and fell into my arms.

I wondered, if she wanted me, why didn't she crawl into bed with me? why didn't she come to where I was? why did she just stay in her bed, alone and scared?

funny, I do the same thing with God....sitting in my bed with my hands over my ears, thinking "I want you"....but not moving towards him....just sitting in my fear. And He stays awake through the storm....listening and waiting for little feet...prepared to rescue me and comfort me...

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