Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And so it begins....

My oldest daughter is 6, and has opinions about clothes. We're trying to find a new dress for her to wear to a wedding this weekend and today we went to 3 different stores. We did not bring home a new dress.

"too flowery".
"too plain".
"too fancy".
"too pink".

We found what I thought was the perfect dress....beautiful, but simple, fit great, great price. But she just wouldn't have it. I could tell she didn't want to hurt my feelings or disappoint me by not liking it, but she also wasn't about to give in....I figured the loving mom would want her to feel beautiful and comfortable in whatever dress we chose, so I put on a happy face and said, "well, we'll just have to keep looking tomorrow...no big deal!"


But I sure do love my daughter!!

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Tammy said...

Hey Gretchen! Fun to see your name on my comment list and to find your blog! Your thoughts on life always bring a smile. :) I miss you too.