Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How much toilet paper do you need for 2 weeks?

That's the question I had in Wal-Mart yesterday as I stared at the "travel TP"...will they have any tp at all? or just the really scratchy kind?

Packing begins today and lots more little things to do.....writing some letters to the girls ahead of time, making lists for Todd like phone numbers, meal ideas, things to do with the girls, buying some easy-to-prepare food for them while I'm gone...

It's almost here, and the closer it gets, the longer I hug the girls, the more I say "yes" when they ask to stay up or ask me to play CandyLand for the 14th time, or go to McDonalds....the more I grab my husband's hand and try to sit close to him....the more I appreciate my own bed (although I'm too excited/anxious to sleep much).

I can't wait to see what God's doing in Russia!


Kristin Jarrett said...
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Kristin Jarrett said...

Hey Gretchen! Didn't realize you were a blogger! I stumbled across your blog this afternoon . . . . something I do while bored at work : ) Shhhh . . .don't tell! I hope you have an amazing trip! David and I went to school with Misty at LCC . . . you will have a great time with her as one of your guides! Take care! Kristin Jarrett

Jonathan said...

If Amanda's mom can make it to Africa (she arrived last night with no problems), you'll do fine in Russia. And Todd and the girls will do fine in the US.

You'll be in our prayers.

Matt W said...

See you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Gretchen!
i've been reading your posts for the past are definitely cool in my book now! :-)
"travel tp"..what the heck?!
only americans buy "travel tp"...come on..rough it and use whatever they give you! ;-) (travel tip for eastern europe: you can buy small packages of kleenex that work great for tp in a pinch..mark and i discovered this here in prague)
too bad russia is so far away or you could come visit us!
looking forward to reading more of your posts.
say hi to tad for me!

Michael Tosh said...

Good luck and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen!!!!!!!! I am really excited to hear about all that God has done in all of you and through all of you while on your mission trip to Russia!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time and come back soon!!!!! :)
~ Leeann ~

L-Ray said...

So Gretchen I hope you will share with all of us how much toilet paper you ended up needing on your trip!! I'm curious to find that out.

Drew Hibbard said...

Come back!!!!

Your girls are hungry, and Todd needs a cook.