Thursday, August 11, 2005

God-Sized Encounters

So I've been doing my Experiencing God workbook for Sunday School, and this morning I was reading in the Old Testament about how people responded to God when they saw him working through people like Moses (parting the Red Sea), King Jehoshephat (defeating a vast army in 2 Chron. 20), and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (surviving the fiery furnace in Daniel 3).

Then it asked the question, "What does the world see in your church (or CSF) that can only be explained in terms of the activity of God?"

What our world often is seeing in our day is a devoted, committed Christian serving God. But, they are not seeing God. They don't see the activity of God because we're not attempting anything that only God can do.

Our world is not attracted to the Christ we serve, because they cannot see Him at work. They see us doing good things for God and say, "That is wonderful, but that is not my thing." They don't see God. Let the world see God at work and He will attract people to Himself. When the world sees things happening through God's people that cannot be explained except that God Himself has done them, then the world will be drawn to the God they see.

So, what are we attempting to do that only will happen if God brings it to pass?

I think we can handle Freshman Move-Ins, Small Groups, Banana Splits, even Jell-O Olympics...but there are some things I feel like I can't control.

Like a space for us to meet on campus. I've had the meetings, submitted proposals, done research on other campuses, made suggestions, followed up.....but I've got no pull, nothing to use to get what we want. Maybe that's a God-Sized job...

Ministry finances is another thing I know we have to trust God for....we can hope that churches and alumni and parents will want to support the campus ministry, but we just don't have the personalities or the time to be fundraisers....

I don't know....I'm praying about this for CSF....what does God want us to attempt that will only happen if He shows up and shows His power by saving the day?

I'm looking forward to hearing what God reveals to some of you guys....

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