Monday, August 22, 2005


So, the sermon that most of you missed this weekend at RCC was about stuff....well, it was about the parable in Luke 16 where the rich man and Lazarus both die and the conversation between the rich man and God. Here's the gist: the rich man didn't go to hell because he was rich. He went to hell because the Torah clearly directed jews in the old testament to take care of those around them who fall on hard forgive debts, to loan money without interest, to pay them for working for you....and when Lazarus sat at his gate night after night, longing for a crumb from the rich man's table, he got nothing.

The rich man went to hell because he didn't use his wealth to care for others.

The OT made it clear that you are to take care of your people. That God holds you responsible for caring for those around you, those in your family, those in your tribe, those who called themselves Jews.

So who is my tribe? who are my people? Magruders? College students? members of Rochester Christian Church? My neighbors? Christians and non-Christians from around the world?


So who is the Lazarus in my world? the one God expects me to feed? the one I'm to use my resources to care for and feed and forgive debts and clothe and shelter?

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