Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So last night I had a hankerin' for chocolate chip cookies. Of course, I usually make ones with oatmeal...healthy chocolate chip cookies!! For the past few months I've been pretty good about not baking all of the time, and keeping those tempting things out of my house so I can't just throw a pan of cookies in the oven for a late-night snack.

Anyway, I started my cookie-making process with the butter, sugar and eggs....then got to the flour part. No flour. partly because I haven't been baking desserts and didn't notice we were out, and because I recently made homemade bread, using the last of it. Now, what could I substitute for flour? I had whole wheat flour, but figured that'd be too heavy....I was already using oats, and if I used oats instead of flour it'd turn out like granola....Shop N Save Biscuit Mix...well, the main ingredient is flour...why not?! So 2 cups of generic bisquick went into the cookie mix.

Let's just say, I don't advise it. There's nothing more disappointing than to go to all the work to make cookies and have them taste "funny" (the words of Sarah Jane).

A hard-learned lesson from the school of crappy cookies.


L-Ray said...

Thats awesome! haha I love it! (wait a minute aren't you suppose to make a recipe book for Heather... make sure you don't add that one to our book!) thanks haha

a moore said...

Nah, you wanted to use the wheat flour. We use wheat all the time here because it is easier to come by than white. I suggest half and half but if you used all wheat it would be ok. American wheat flour is lighter because of the way they grind it. They would be a little heavier but you could skip the oats and probably come out even. Actually all wheat and you are going to be a healthier person too. REally never use bisquick- I have a recipe for it and after you know what is in it, you would never have done it. My guess is the cookies were a little fluffy and a whole lot salty.

gretchen lee said...

Salty...ah, yes....very salty

JP said...

I actually have an Honorary Doctorate from the School of Crappy Cookies.

Now, you know what Ben would say if he took the time to catch up with his family: shoulda stuck to the no-bake.