Monday, October 10, 2005

40 Days of Community

Our church is starting the 40 Days of Community next week....a continuation of the 40 Days of Purpose thing.....yesterday we heard Rick Warren preach the kick-off and I loved this statement....

"In the end, God's going to bring us all together in community. So we're to use the rest of our lives practicing how to live in community. Any other use of your time is a total waste."

Now, I don't think he means that we're supposed to live in a Christian bubble for the rest of our lives....we're supposed to be loving and accepting eachother, building eachother up, serving with eachother, studying with eachother, showing Christ to the world with eachother...but we're supposed to learn how to to it together...not giving up when it gets hard, learning to submit to others, put others above ourselves....and everything else is a total waste.

There seems to be alot of total waste in my life....I think I need to be reminded of that more often.

By the way....someone asked if the 40 Days of Community Groups were for college students, too....Absolutely!! If you're a college student who attends RCC and wants to get a little more involved and build relationships with other "non-students" in the church, joining one of the would be a great idea! It's just a 6 week comittment, you get snacks and can build some relationships with some families who just might adopt you and give you a place to do laundry!! Sign up at church, or talk to me if you want more info.


Matt W said...

Oh, that's good.

Hannah Jo said...

Community is so vital and I think that sometimes it takes not really having it to realize that fact.

I'm way excited that God is continually teaching us all about community and I'll let you know I had a great time building new community last night. Tad and I had dinner with the other TA's and their wives. It was good times :)

I miss my Gretchen time. Hopefully I'll get some soon!

Love you.