Sunday, October 09, 2005


In Kids Worship today, my shy child answered a question correctly in front of all 130 K-6th graders, and got a giant Pixie Stick as a reward. I was pleased on several levels....that she spoke up in church, that she answered correctly and is apparently paying attention....I was pleased that it was one of the plastic pixie sticks, not the crappy paper ones that you can never get any candy out of....I was pleased that she hadn't already started eating it and left a trail behind her throughout the church like Hansel and Gretel.

And I was pleased when, after lunch, she decided to share the pixie stick with her sister. But, really, how do you share a pixie stick? We're all about equity around just cut it in half, right?

Yes. I walked in to find 2 crying girls, scissors, empty plastic pixie tubes, and about 1 cup of orange sugar on the floor between them.

sigh.....sometimes life is hard.

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