Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Sad, Sad Story.....

Sara Groves is one of my favorite all-time singers. Call me a dork, tell me your mom listens to Sara Groves, I know they play some of her stuff on CCM stations....I don't care. I love Sara Groves. I love her voice, her style, her spiritual honesty. And she uses alot cello...that doesn't hurt, either.

Tonight she's performing in Bloomington and I've been planning to go to the concert for months....giddy when I found out about up front-row Casting Crowns tickets this week because I knew I'd get my concert fix tonight. As an added bonus, Jars of Clay and Chris Rice are playing, too.

Here's the little detail got overlooked....I didn't get tickets ahead of time. I mean, Sara Groves is amazing, but she's kind of obscure, right? Not a super-star, not at the top of many people's lists.....she's playing at a church in Bloomington, not a huge venue, just a low-key evening with me and Sara Groves.

Oh yeah, but she's playing with Jars. And that's why, when I reminded my parents that we were coming to Bloomington to see them and, of course, go to the concert, my dad said, "I hope you have tickets, because they're sold out".

I almost cried on the phone.

I got online and searched for tickets, and sure enough, they're sold out.

I woke up sad this morning. It's dumb, I know. I don't think I've been this sad and disappointed in a long, long time.


Hannah Jo said...

poor Gretchen. I know how much you like Sara Groves and was looking forward to this.

How about this for a plan...I'll get her to sing at my wedding and then you can see her. :)

Kati said...

Oh, Gretchen. I'm sorry that you missed Sara. Maybe she'll come around again, soon. I hope so. But smile big, because you are loved and cared for by many. Hope that the rest fo your day is a thousand times better than any concert. Love ya!

Little Brother said...

Awww, quit feeling sorry for yourself, get up here to Bloomington, go into 2nd Pres, and plead your case. I would bet dollars to donuts you can get in tonight if you get here and do some leg work.

Come on, now. We Convservatives pick ourselves up by the boot straps, right?

Jonathan said...

We saw her at Eastview a few years ago before I really knew who she was and really loved the show.

There's just something about English teachers turned song writers that really works.

Drew Hibbard said...

Befriend some ticket scalpers. It's not illegal or anything.

...Just kidding!!