Monday, November 14, 2005


Every Monday morning I volunteer in Sophia's Kindergarten classroom. I usually do some cutting, stapling, photocopying....whatever helps the teacher. Most Mondays I also get to take each child out into a desk in the hallway to work individually on handwriting. Today's letter was N.

Kevin is one of the more "lively" boys in the class. He's got red hair and freckles. I called him into the hallway and we started working on our N's.....

Me: Okay, so start at the top, make a line down, pick up your pencil and bring it back to the top, and then a down - up......good! now you try it......

Kevin: I'm going to be on Extreme Makeover and they're gonna build me a big house with a huge stairs!

Me: Really? Wow! Extreme Home Makeover, huh?

Kevin: And we're going to live in the basement.....cause we have a basement!

Me: when are they coming?

Kevin: Today, I think.

Me: I wish they'd come to my house.....

Kevin: Has anybody ever torn down your house before?

Me: No.

Kevin: They're going to tear down my house! And it's going to have a really big stairs!

But, you see.....I'm so lucky.....I don't need Extreme Home Makeover....I've already got some really big stairs.


L-Ray said...

I love kids!! You never know whats going to come out of their little mouths. haha so cute!!

Drew Hibbard said...

Next time you see Amy, ask her what sound a frog makes. The little kids at the day care said that a frog goes "hop, hop, hop" instead of "ribbit."