Saturday, December 31, 2005

Okay, here are just some random things....I was downloading all 297 pictures from my camera and thought I'd share. Here are a few pics from Christmas...

Sarah Jane, Tyler, Sidney, and Sophia making play-dough cookies. I think it's funny how God color-coded our kids so we can tell them apart - the blonds and brunettes....

Just Pete and Nasa Janet - always the "favorite" aunt and uncle

Jonathan and Atticus - playing with his african drum (purchased in the US)

Todd - giving camel rides to Sidney, Tyler and Sophia

The whole family - I love my family! Really!! We still sometimes annoy eachother, but truly, I love being with my family and thank God that he blessed us with such great relationships and great examples! And I'm thankful that my parents and siblings have all committed that we'll stick it out as a family, making that time a priority, regardless of how many other options we have or how busy life gets. It's not always easy, or even always fun, but it's something I can bank on - that they'll be there.

We had a great time at my parents' new home in Lexington, IL....watched movies, had a ping-pong tournament (there was some dispute, but I'm pretty sure I was the champion), went to church (xmas eve and xmas morning), played scrabble and Monopoly, spent some time in the hot tub, did a little shopping with the girls, played with alot of kids, and ate way too much food.

Seriously, the best part of celebrating the birth of Christ - real time with family - not just the obligatory visit or exchanging of gifts, but the real life stuff of changing diapers and taking naps and cooking together and vegging in front of the tv together.

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Michael Tosh said...

Well said, you are blessed