Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The family that pukes together......

is really pathetic.

Well, I'm hoping this is the last of it. I was the 4th and last (I hope) member of our family to get some sort of 24-hour bug going around. Sarah Jane got it Thursday, Todd on Saturday (during our Old People's New Year's Eve Party - lovely), Sophia and I last night. We've been trying to protect people from it as much as possible, but I never actually know what's safe - what's the incubation period on this? Once you show symptoms, aren't you almost past the contagious point? So, if we've passed it on to you or your family, I apologize. It stinks. Literally.

I'm still feeling gross, but tired of laying in bed, so I thought I'd share another sophia story.....about 2am I'm slumped over the toilet in our (only) bathroom. Sophia comes waltzing in and I say, "do you need to go potty? I'll get out of your way." "No, I just threw up", she announced. Several more times throughout the night she came down the steps, carrying her puke bucket, looking like Little Red Riding Hood, practically skipping at times. I just don't get it. I feel like I want to die, and Sophia thinks illness is just a minor inconvenience. Thankfully, my amazing husband kept her entertained all day so I could get some rest and feel disgusting in private.

So begins my Winter Break - when my kids are at school and I have all sorts of time to be productive and get things done. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel like a million bucks.

Hope to see some of you in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting excited about what God's showing Todd and I about His vision for UIS and LLCC.....but we'll try to protect you from our germs....anyone know how long we need to be careful??


Steph H. said...

Our family was treated to a similar round of an unknown bug about three weeks ago . . . sad to say it seems it was passed among three families in our neighborhood at one week intervals.

Michael Tosh said...

we have some sick people over here in marigold...which means I am probably next to get it...ah well

Hope you feel better soon!

dlaz said...

be careful forever because if i catch it, you'll be the worst friend ever

i'm getting excited as well about the upcoming semester! cya soon!