Thursday, January 19, 2006

Okay, so this week I've spent time in my "office" (the UIS cafeteria), met with my thesis committee, actually officially registered, had orchestra rehearsal.......but it just doesn't seem like the semester has officially begun until we have the first EDGE!!! So, I'm very excited about tomorrow night, and can't wait to see everyone!

For those of you who always ask.....I hear we're having sloppy joes.

AND, have you guys seen previews for the new movie about missionaries in Ecuador? It's called The End of the Spear, and it opens tomorrow night.....It's a true story about a group of missionaries including Jim Elliott (husband of Elizabeth Elliott, author of Passion and Purity and other awesome books). There's a 9:50 show at Parkway Point that I'm hoping some people will want to go to. You can catch the trailer at

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erinlizabeth said...

hey, i totally have wanted to see that movie since i saw the first preview...if you don't see it tomorrow night, can we go next week?