Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This morning I was reading in Genesis 16....the story of what happens when Sarah and Abraham take matters into their own hands and decide to get Hagar pregnant so that Abraham can have a son. Hagar runs away after being mistreated by Sarah and is found by the angel of the Lord. The angel tells her some truths about who her son, Ishmael will be, and also tells her that "the Lord has heard about your misery".

Thereafter, Hagar referred to the Lord, who had spoken to her, as "the God who sees me".

I love that. The God who sees me.

To know and be known......


JK said...

From the band Copeland:

"Do what you want but I know who you are.

Say what you want but I know what you're thinking.

Go where you want but I won't be too far.

Go where you want and I know where you'll end up.

If you fall in love, fall in love and hold nothing back,

I'll fall in love,

fall in love and hold nothing back from you."

Thanks Gretchen. You and your other half always brighten my day.



erinlizabeth said...

that's always been one of my favorite names of God.

i miss you! hope to see you soon