Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving with the Moores

I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving with the Moore side of our family next week!! All of my siblings will be there (though Amanada and Atticus are headed to the Big Easy...)...there'll be 2-4 days of tennis and rollerblading and watching fish in the pond and feeding apple skins (from making pies) to the horses and hot-tubbing and crafting....and lots of eating.

I don't know if it happens this way in every family, but we seem to have twice as many desserts as any other food group at our Thanksgiving meal. And really, would I want it any other way?! The problem is that some of our family members need to be careful about sugar intake (who am I kidding....we all need to cut it out) how do we have a great, traditional Moore Thanksgiving Dinner with some healthier dessert and snacking options?

I'm looking for some of my anonymous readers to help contribute some ideas for snacks and foods we can have this weekend that might help us all eat a little healthier.....any ideas??


Anonymous said...

carrots, cel, and olives always seem to do ok. The regular and not overly salty tostito chips are pretty good and if you get a decent salsa are nice snacks. Chex mix is usually not bad either.

Deserts, my dad has sugar free jell-o that he seems to like ok, otherwise a mildly sweetened apple pie does ok with us too, since the apples are sweet but the sugar is not too high.

hope it helps.

a moore said...

we're working on apple cookies and pumpkin bread, some of each will be sugar free.

gretchen lee said...

Janus -
salsa is a great idea I hadn't thought of...I like to used the canned kind and then add black beans and corn to it (that helps me forget about the chunky red and green stuff that I hate in salsa!!)

Jello is another one I should use more well as the fat-free, sugar-free pudding...

Amanda -
are you sending some of those to Lexington?? Or just taunting me with the idea that you're baking and taking it all to New Orleans?