Friday, November 17, 2006

Todd just left to take 15 students to the National Missionary Convention in Indy for the weekend. Before he left, we were talking about what God is doing in each of their lives and the different reasons for going....looking for summer mission trip opportunities....looking for ideas on how to reach International students at UIS....some graduating soon and considering overseas missions....considering campus ministry internships and wondering how to convince their parents or raise support...or just clueless about everything in their future except that they want to follow Christ.

I can't begin to imagine the impact these, and other students are going to have on the world for Christ!

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IndyChristian said...

Gretchen... Amen! Drop us a line if any of your group ends up publishing their thoughts or ideas resulting from National Missionary Convention -- we're following/featuring blogs from this week's NMC here in Indy.