Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Resurrection Day!!

A great day at the Magruder house today.....worship with friends at RCC, lunch with students at our house followed by a few rounds of Catch Phrase. Which, by the way, isn't an easy thing to do when your first language isn't English! Then we broke the TV fast with a cartoon about Barbie...a little anti-climactic, but the girls enjoyed it. We're continuing on in our 3 pages of bible reading every night (okay, it ends up being more like 4x/week) and started off in Exodus tonight. How awesome to hear the girls beg Todd to keep reading!!

I pray that because of the cross, everything is different for you today.....and tomorrow.....and the next day....

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Janus Torrell said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, glad to hear you keepin up with that reading and the kids liking it!