Friday, April 13, 2007

Ugly Community

I'm completely stealing this from one of the CCC blogs.....but I've had a few good conversations this week in our ministry about this very thing so I'll pass it along...

In a quote from Bonheoffer in Life Together:

Just as surely as God desires to lead us to a knowledge of genuine fellowship, so surely must we be overwhelmed by a great disillusionment with others, with Christians in general, and, if we are fortunate, with ourselves . . . Only that fellowship which faces such disillusionment, with all its unhappy and ugly aspects, begins to be what it should be in God's sight, begins to grasp in faith the promise that is given to it.

So as the semester winds down and people get stressed-out, worried about what comes next, sad about leaving friends, overwhelmed by assignments, disappointed in what we think others should do and be......let's not give up on community.

This is where the good stuff happens...and if we throw up our hands and walk away now, we miss the fact that it's beginning to be what it should be in God's sight!!

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