Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aldi Foods

A friend at UIS told us she was from Batavia, IL, and Mr. Tad Blacketer and I both immediately knew that Batavia is the home of Aldi foods!! I'm a big fan of Aldi...specifically:
1. Fudge Brownie Mix for 99 cents
2. Chocolate Chips for 99 cents (and today when I went, the Butterscotch and White chips were buy one/get one free!!)

But there's one thing (well several...but for this discussion, one thing) that kind of concerns me about Aldi....why is the meat so red? Seriously, it's gotta be artificial, doesn't it?? I can't buy it (and it really isn't that great of a price, either) just looks unnatural. Anybody know about this kind of stuff?


Janus Torrell said...

Well most beef is kind of brown, and all the stores usually add color because people want meat to look red.

So the more red it is I would imagine the worse they are covering it.

bencounter said...

Yah - I'd avoid brown or unnaturally red meats. Wal-Mart meat is bad too. We used to buy meat there and now I refuse. So ... Meijer is our meat store of choice. (The fact that I have an opinion in this whole topic makes me realize that I'm not young anymore.) We miss you guys at the retreat!

gretchen lee said...

Maybe we'll try meijer..

Ben, we've been in mourning this week....knowing the great time that's happening without us in Indiana! Apparently, Rochester has a "graduation" from 3rd grade (they move to the middle school). So that, and Father's First Grade Field Day won out this year....have fun....say hello to everyone...and try to squelch the rumor that we're holding a grudge about not changing the NACCM name to "Todd's House of Toast"