Thursday, May 24, 2007

Garage Sale!!

Our church did a massive garage sale last weekend to raise money for the Orphans Ministry trip to China this summer...they raised over $3,000! I don't think I've ever made more than $75 at a garage sale - our stuff is mostly 3rd generation garage-sale, so it's "well-loved". Anyway, all of the things that were left from that sale are in our garage. It might be left-overs, but there are some great things in there!!

The Orphans ministry is passing it on to us to raise money for our adoption, and we'll pass more on to another family to help with an adoption! I think it's a great idea...and every time it gets passed on, more stuff gets added from friends and family. So, if you've got a great garage sale item that you've been wanting to get out of the basement, feel free to drop it off here!!

Today we're collecting tables and clothing racks from our friends and praying that it doesn't rain this weekend!! Feel free to come by Friday or Saturday 8-2pm - - we'll hook you up with a Petra CD or a Quilt Hanger or pictures, or kids clothes, or easy bake oven, or a lawn mower, or collectables, or..............

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a moore said...

Is your garage still in their somewhere? Its hard to tell from the picture. Good luck. I wish I could come.