Saturday, August 18, 2007

God Grew Tired Of Us

I've been reading this book for the last week or so, and Todd just told me that it had been released on DVD this week.....

It's a documentary about The Lost Boys of Sudan...boys orphaned by civil war in Southern Sudan in the late 80's, who then wandered around Ethiopia and Kenya and have spent over a decade in refugee camps. They have lost mothers, brothers,sisters trying to escape the war, left alone to raise themselves, and eachother. The movie follows their time in the refugee camps, and as some of them are brought to the US for a new start. Despite their devastating situations, there are delightful parts of the movie, as the men experience American culture for the first time - - the first time using electricity, first time using a refrigerator, seeing a toilet...

it gets me thinking about the people in our community who might be in similar situations. Who will help them find healthcare? show them how to use mass transit? explain the fat man in the red suit and long white beard?

Rent this movie!!

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