Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Magruders and the 2007 Illinois State Fair

Food Tally:
3 Corndogs
2 ribeye sandwiches
1 cheese curds
2 Prairie Farms Milkshakes
1 bag cotton candy
2 lemon shake-ups
1 dietcoke
7 bottles water
1 funnel cake
1 elephant ear

*Please keep in mind, this reflects 2 days at the fair - the very first day and the very last.

Best Freebies:
Verizon Backpack
Advil geltabs (about 12 packets)

Best Attraction:
Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force - Breastfeeding Station
Any horse show at the Collesium

Best Performance:
The Tide at Powerlight

Best Quote:
Sophia: "Why didn't we go to Conversation World?! They talk about saving trees there, and I love trees!"

Sarah Jane:"What? Constipation World?"

Todd: "Uh,'s Conservation World"


Sunita said...

I remember when I was younger that you and Todd used to take me and Jordan to the State Fair. I miss those days. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. That's a lot of food. I"m jealous of the Verizon Packpack, though you probably have to sign up for something to get it. That's what I never liked. Glad you guys had fun .
Aunt Sunita

a moore said...

I take issue with a few things.
1. Whats the deal? Only 7 bottles of water for 2 days at the IL Fair, by far the hottest place on the planet? The Magruders are dehydrated.

2. Did you forget to list the deep fried snicker bars?

3. Advil Geltabs! That is an awesome booth.

gretchen lee said...

1. We re-filled the bottles of water

2. No fried snickers....really, I'm realizing that I go for size over taste. And when faced with the choice of getting a fried little candy bar or a huge elephant ear for an equal price, I'll go with whatever I can share more...

3. The geltabs are super-light, too...I'll send you some!!

gretchen lee said...

oh, and Amanda, I actually thought of you at the fair as I was dripping with sweat and longing for a shower....I thought "I wonder if this is what SE Asia feels like?!"

Matt Bortmess said...

Ahh...the Illinois State Fair. This is the first time in nine years our family hasn't traveled back to take in the fun & food at the fairgrounds. I'll just read through your list a few more times and salivate!!!

Matt Bortmess