Sunday, October 21, 2007

a few things about my weekend....

I know...I haven't been posting very consistantly....I've been feeling more than a little overwhelmed lately. My amazing parents invited the girls to spend the weekend with them, so Todd and I got a little bit of rest and alot of great time together Saturday! It's amazing what a little time with my husband can do for my mental health!

It would take me days to write about everything going on, but here are the highlights:
The best parents/grandparents in the world! Sarah got to go horse-back riding, Aunt Linda let Sophia drive the Golf Cart, stories about losing a toad in the house and finding it in the middle of the night, 3-D movie at the Palace...heaven!!

4 new tires on our car...and our super-hero mechanic got them for us for about 1/2 the cost of everywhere else

Mini-van with 185,000 miles still in the shop for "squishy" brakes...I just heard that Roy Weece prayed his old car would run to 300,000 miles....that's gonna be our new prayer!

Dinner and live music with my hubby at the Lime Street Cafe

Worship team at RCC - I love to sing!!

Visiting dogs at the Animal Protective League - - Shhhh....we're going to surprise the girls in the next couple of weeks!!

Todd gets offered a job pastoring a little church where he's been filling in....don't worry...he said no

Our small group met tonight...I love our group!! 3 of the 6 families are in the process of international, trans-racial adoption, and I'm so excited about the community God's building!

My right eye is swollen and painful to touch or even blinking...who knows....

We get to see Todd's sister, Shelby and her daughter tomorrow (they live in Colorado)!! Meeting at Curtis Orchard in rain, please!!!

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