Friday, October 12, 2007

Adoption Fundraiser
Saturday, December 8th
Rochester Christian Church

Right now our church has at least 6 families who are in the adoption process - it's so exciting!! Two of us have decided to go together to do a Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser on Saturday, December 8th. There will be games, crafts, food, face-painting, a silent auction, and of course, pictures with Santa!! All proceeds will be split between the Severns Family, who are adopting a little girl from China, and our family.

Right now we're looking for donations for the Silent Auction part - - do you know a business who might want to donate some items? Have a timeshare you might want to give up for a week? Are you willing to make a blanket/purse/painting/fill-in-the-blank?

It's gonna be a party, I'm sure!! Another family in our church did this event last was a great community event, so much fun for the kids, and raised over $5,000!

I'm guessing some of my readers have some experience in adoption or other kinds of Fundraisers...I'd love to hear about things that have worked (or even things that haven't!!). If you have some ideas, or want to get involved, let me know!!

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Jonathan said...

The silent auction is always a great idea. I'd love it if you'd allow some internet bids in advance for some of the items - at least from your "Gretchen knows who I am" readers of your blog - a day or two in advance of the fundraiser.

Anything new in terms of your adoption timeline?