Thursday, October 25, 2007

I guess as I get older, it's inevitable....

My words come back to haunt me. The lectures I've given over-scheduled students and stressed out friends are ringing in my ears.

I've been lamenting over hurriedness....being too busy to deal with adoption papers, not enough time at home to do laundry or go through the growing pile of papers, putting off things like grocery shopping or gettig Sarah a new jacket. I vacilate between being depressed about the busyness, mad (at I don't know who)that our lives are this hectic, guilty that I don't spend enough time with Sarah, Apryl, Todd, family,fill-in-the-blank, and, in an occasional moment of maturity, I've been asking God to prioritize my life for me.

Here's what we've concluded (God and I):

As much as I like to avoid responsiblity and place blame, the truth is that I choose how my life turns out. I choose whether or not I want a hurried, chaotic life. I choose to drive a nicer car and be stressed out with my job that pays for it, or to drive a dumpier car and stay at home.

I choose whether I spend 3 hours on email/blogging/facebook every day, or I spend those 3 hours reading, writing a note to someone, organizing our home, or having coffee with someone.

I choose to either go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up early for time to hear from God, or to stay up watching What Not To Wear until 2am and begin the next morning by sleeping in, in a rush.

So, yesterday I told my boss I need to cut my hours back. I love my job as a lactation counselor (oh, I passed my certification for Certified Lactation Counselor exam! I'm now Gretchen Magruder, CLC!), but I love my family more. I love serving new moms and encouraging them, but I love helping college students fall in love with Jesus more.

I took the day off today...I've never been more excited about washing windows and baseboards and making cookies for when my kids get off the bus!

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AprylMay said...

MMMmmm....Feeling all warm inside for two..uh..maybe 3 reasons.
1. I made it in a blog AND it had to do with wishing you had more time to hang out with me!
2. We got to hang out. I LOVE Halloween---its socially acceptable to ring the door bell and hang out (Thanks for the reverse trick or treating treats, girls!)
3. I had a few treats.

Hope to hang out more in the near future!!