Sunday, October 28, 2007

This needs to be a group-participation for all of you lurkers (I know, I do it, too!), this is your opportunity to come out of the internet-closet!

We're planning a silent auction as part of the Breakfast With Santa adoption fundraiser on December 8th, so what I need to know is, what are some good items for a silent auction? What are the things you'd actually be excited about bidding on? And if you've been part of a silent auction in the past, what are some of the things that seem to be the biggest hits?

Something like a Wii? Ipod? Hotel or B&B getaway?

Bring on the ideas!!


krista said...

Hi Gretchen....I'm one of your lurkers. =) I know Pete & Janet...I've been known to stalk them, but I promise, I'm not stalking you too!...just enjoying your insight.
Here are my ideas:
-A day at the spa, or any treatment/pedi/mani
-gift baskets with various gift cards (lots of stores would probably be willing to donate gift certificates)
-the items you mentioned are great ideas too!

gretchen lee said...

Yes, I have the official Illinoise STALKER t-shirt, but can't bear to wear it since the demise of the Podcast!

Thanks for the suggestions....a spa package sounds lovely!

b-dizzle said...

I would say dinner out just about anywhere. People love to eat.

Also, something alot of people really enjoy is movie money. You might auction some of that off. Nothing beats a night out at the theater.

I'm a lurker, I admit it. I'm not a big 'blogger', but I do like to read them.

Hope you and the fam are well.

Steph H. said...

Tickets to Illini sporting events are usually the big ticket items at auctions here in the Champaign area. Not sure if that's true for your area.

T.J. said...

depends on the crowd.... some kind of sports tickets would be good, find someone with season tickets for the cardinals or cubs and see if they'll donate.

gretchen lee said...

Thanks Steph and TJ....I'm gonna start scouting out those sporting tickets!!

AGH!!! So much little time!!

Stacie said...

We've done silent auctions before (when I was in event planning) that had everything from paintings to baskets with home-made goodies for dogs! Baskets are a great idea - you can do a theme for a basket - such as "dinner out" with bottle of wine, glasses and gift certificate to dinner out. You can also do a Christmas theme basket - filled with cute Christmas stuff for the house. The good thing is you can usually find home stuff for good prices, put it all in a beautiful package and it looks very enticing. :) We always did sports tickets - definitely a good idea. And, your ideas of the Wii, the Ipod and the B&B are great!
Good luck!