Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So, we've gotten tired of trying to figure out what to call this new kid that's going to be joining our family....see what I mean? "new kid"? That doesn't sound right...#3 isn't right....."new baby" isn't accurate since we're wanting a toddler...and we don't even know if they will be a he or she.....So, we're taking suggestions for what to call this little person who will soon be a Magruder. Peanut? Bubba? It?

We're heading to Atlanta tomorrow morning for the Catalyst Conference....can't wait to go, but it was hard putting the girls to bed tonight. One of my daughters isn't so hot on anything out of the routine, so there were lots of tears. John and Erin Kelly are staying with them this week, so I know they'll have a blast....hmmm...I wonder if I need to leave a note about not teaching my kids World of Warcraft while we're gone....


Sunita said...

Alright I have thought long and hard about this and even went to those baby name websites... I think it should be a name that starts with a "S" just like Sarah and Sophia... So here are my top 3.

Option 1:
Sarah,Sophia,and Silas

Option 2:
Sarah,Sophia,and Sawyer

Option 3:
Sarah,Sophia,and Spencer

Let me know what you think.

Love Aunt Sunita

gretchen lee said...

Great ideas, Sunita...but there's no way I'm doing another S name....it's hard enough to remember a kid's name when I'm trying to call them for dinner, much less which S it is!!