Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crying over dog hair...

Max the Wonder-Mutt is settling into the family pretty well. He still chews on stuff if we're not paying attention...brushes, pens, the toothpaste, and especially beanie babies....He's having fewer accidents in the house...He starts barking at 6am now, instead of the 4:30am wake-up we had for the first few weeks...and the clicker has helped him learn a few commands.

But the hair.


It's everywhere. Even though the dog isn't allowed on the couch, the hair magically appears there.

Saturday, I vaccumed the carpet and the big red comfy couch and the love seat and the B.R.C. couch a 2nd time...then I tried using big strips of packing tape to get the hair off the couch...then a rubber glove...and then I burst into tears on the livingroom floor.

I was thinking about how much I love having friends join us on the comfy couch for football... or watching Heroes...or Beth Moore studies...and just started feeling overwhelmed by all the extra work of a dog, the training, the correcting....and how much easier it was before we got Max.

I'm learning alot about adoption from this stinking dog. I'm confident there will be days when I'm in tears on the livingroom floor about this new little person in our family....feeling overwhelmed by the extra work, the training, the correcting....and how much easier it was before....

But already, we love Max. He's part of the family. It's hard, but we're figuring things out. I don't think I have a naive idea about how hard adoption will be. But I'm confident that God is the one who started this whole thing...and He'll be faithful to complete it!


T.J. said...

What kind of food are you feeding him? I know pets shed less if they are eating higher quality food. The cats I adopted from APL are getting high-end food and you can barely tell they shed at all, compared to the cats at home who eat whatever is cheapest and shed enough to make extra cats from the hair on the couch. Just my two cents...

gretchen lee said...

thanks, TJ....I'm going to get some science diet today and give that a try!

Mrs.CaptainMamushMama said...

Our dog, Huxley, sheds like crazy and it doesn't ever seem to end. It is very frustrating and and now even more work that were gonna have a little one crawling around (can't let it go as much!)

We have those huge lint rollers - keep one laying on our loveseat at all times when we are not there so he doesn't get on the love seat; and, then we have a sheet covering system with the couch (cuz he is allowed on the couch, but good for you for not starting that!)

I would have a major meltdown without that lintroller and our couple of little vacuums!!

hang in there!